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eparts services LLC
215 West 8th Avenue
West Homestead, PA 15120 USA
+1 844.722.7278

Ken Siefert
m: +1 412.445.8806
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Dave Meyers
Vice President
m: +1 412.334.6544
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Eddie Johnson
Chief Commercial Officer
m: +1 502.807.7492
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Product, Training, and Accounting Support:

Luke Colacito
Partner Support & Training
m: +1 412.418.0511
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Addison Meyers
Customer Service & Website Support
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Jon Williams
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Software Development:

Chuck Benscoter
Chief Information Officer
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Joe Benscoter
UX Designer
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Alex Boguszewski
Software Quality Engineer
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Jennifer Hart
SQL DBA/Developer
p: +1 844.722.7278
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David Mine
Software Engineer
p: +1 844.722.7278
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Logan Scavo
Software Developer
p: +1 844.722.7278
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A.J. Weber
Digital Marketing Lead
UI/UX Junior Designer
p: +1 844.722.7278
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